How much will your building cost to construct in Kenya?

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“How much will it cost me to put up this building?”, for sale is one of the most common questions i get during the initial meetings with clients to discuss their brief and requirements in detail and also to agree on the terms of service.

How much a building will cost to construct usually depends on very many factors like the type of building, its location, specification of materials, wall to floor ratio, floor to ceiling heights, site topography, types of joinery and fittings, and quality of electrical and mechanical installations. The other major factor, of course, is the size (area) of space to be built up.

The easiest way to roughly estimate how much your building will cost is by consulting someone else who has recently built something like what you would want to put up in both size and quality. Its easy to strike such a coincidence in housing projects since they are all similar in size, space provision and finishes. For other types of buildings however, it is difficult to get someone with exactly the same as what you may want.

For such, the Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya has developed some guidelines for the major towns, picked up recently completed projects, measured their sizes in square metres and established their actual construction costs. They then calculated the rate of construction per square metre which, if multiplied by the desired size of project, would give a fairly accurate indication of the estimated construction costs. This cost is inclusive from foundation to finishes but generally exclude site works which may vary greatly even in projects that are similar in space provisions.

The rates are for Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu and would generally cover nearby surrounding areas. The could be slightly higher in more remote areas. They have also been specified for exactly what kind of building types they are, as the costs differ.

What you need to do is establish how big your building would be in square metres, then multiply that by the rate given.

Again, it is important to consult professionals to guide you on all these matters. This is just a guideline and should be taken just as that. We shall therefore not be responsible for any errors or losses and damage arising from reliance on this information without having directly contacted any professionals.

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    • Steve

      hi I’m looking to build a 6 story building with 3-4 apartments per floor with lift in central Nairobi area could you please give me a rough estimate of total costs also split materials, Labour and design/ Licensing cost.

      • Dennio.

        Hello steve if you could send probably an image of your idea of an appartment i could be able to give you some insight on the total costs, material requirement and labour plus consultancy charges. Just take a picture of any apartment around and state location of your intended project.

    • Arch. Martin Tairo Maseghe

      Jackline, it will be important to know exactly where that rural area is. That would however fall in the Low Cost Low Rise category which ranges between Kshs 29,000 to Kshs 32,000 per square metre. You are looking at spending Ksh 2.56 Million.

      • Kennedy

        Ksh 2.56m is quite expensive for such a small/simple building. Remember low rise low clost flat includes reinforced concrete suspended floors which is not the case in a bungalow. The rate per sqm should be less than 29,000/=

    • Wesley

      I constructed a 3 bed bungalow for 950,000. 2.56 million in Rural area is an overstatement. I did a modest 3 bed in Kitengela for 1.4 million

      • Nelly imbayi

        good to hear from you wesley building is horror to me kindly share with me your experience n how you managed with this amount is it a massionate or bungalow

      • Obadiah

        Hey Wesley, I am planning to set up some bedsitters in central region measuring 10*10,how much would one cost me roughly?

      • Mweru

        Hi Wesley

        That is impressive! I would be very interested in the details of your 3 bdroom house as I also believe it is possible to build without being ripped off. I intend to build in a rural area.

        What materials did you use, stone/ ndarugo or prefab?
        What are your finishing like – tiles or cement floor?

        Kindly advise.

      • Moses

        Dear Wesley am looking to put up a 3 bedroom bungalow in Witeithie Thika how much do you think it may cost? and do you think i should use burnt bricks which i can do in my plot) or just buy blocks from mahiga limited.

  1. Okello Omondi

    This is a brilliant and wonderful article to preserve in my files and use it during such times that am now ready to put up a wonderful house for my lovely wife and kids. May God bless the works of your hands sir

  2. Nicholas Patel

    These are good indications. But you need to factor in your personal cost. Your monthly income divided by hours worked. Then count your site visits from the time you leave for the site till you get back….And dont forget to keep a tab on the Mpesa transactions for each time the fundi says something is short……

  3. Amos

    Hey…how much will you charge to draw a 3 bedroom house design? plus costing.

  4. Bonface Kiambi

    I particular like the photo caption of the bungalow in this story. Kindly share the full photos with me perhaps I may consult you further on the same, because I am considering putting up something similar in my rural home. Thank you.


    this information is coming at the right time when am planning to put up a house for my familly.i have been weighing the option of semi permanent house then do arough cast or constructing a permanent house in my rural home vihiga county.which way should be cost effective considering a budget of 150,000/=

  6. Nelson

    Im planning to put a slub on my massionate. Measurement ( 22 * 28 ) Feet. Please give an estimate coz im almost being retrenched and i want to finish my house and move in

  7. kariuki Kiragu

    This is good work. However, I thought the larger buildings work with volumes?

  8. Dominic

    Is it possible you give us an insight on EPS panels and if there are any cost savings on them

  9. Gerishon

    Hi, good piece of information. Kindly let me know if the area is calculated floor to floor or its just the ground floor!

  10. Coyie

    Amazing. I have been looking for such a guidance for a while. I know I was meant to consult with the professionals but I was stuck on where do I begin? I’m now armed with key things to start up the conversations with them. Next step is now set up meetings with the professionals. Thank you.

  11. zak

    How much will it cost in getting 3bedroom house plan for upcountry? Just like the design in your profile?

  12. stephen

    i want to construct a 4bedroom house at Isinya Kajiado on a 1l8 piece of plot, could you advise me
    on foundation and design,

  13. Wycliffe Chepkiyeng

    Does this mean the rate for constructing flats in Kilimani is the same as that in Kayole?

    • Arch. Martin Tairo Maseghe

      Wycliffe, of course no supplier will ask where you are building so that they adjust prices of cement or steel accordingly. The costs are therefore the same. We can discuss quality later.

      • KENNEDY

        hi, how much would it cost to build one bedroom houses(150 units) on a 3 plots (@one eighth)


    • Wycliffe Chepkiyeng

      I think the quality of finishes and fixtures should be one of the main factor to consider while coming up with these rates. By doing so a detailed list of prices per location will show a lot of variation even in Nairobi zones alone. I would imagine someone who wants to rent or buy a flat in Westlands, Kilimani and other high end estates would expect in terms of quality as opposed to a person who specifically goes Eastlands to get home.

      • Arch. Martin Tairo Maseghe

        Wycleff, if you check the schedule, it has been clearly indicated the rates for ‘high class residential’ and ‘low cost residential’. This would ideally cater for the expectations you have noted above, with regards to quality of finishes expected of houses in high end areas as opposed to those in low cost zones. But, cement, steel, etc, remains the same no matter the location within the city.

  14. KJ

    A good article it is..How much can it cost for a 3 bedroom house like the one on your profile in Thika?
    Thank you

  15. Hellen

    Hi. Thanks for the piece of advice above. I have a dream of putting up a three bedroom house on my quarter but I don’t know how to go about it. Could you kindly advice me on how to go about it and is it true interlocking blocks reduces cost? Please explain to me how through my email. Thanks and thumbs up.

  16. Stella

    I am interested in building a 4 bedroom maisonette this year 2 of the rooms will be ensuite, in Nyeri, near Naru moro town. How much will this cost me please.

  17. Izaac

    Martin, I wonder how the style of roofing for the “Maisonettes Development in Kitengela” project if it would be ideal in wet climatic area? If Not, how could it be modified?

    I am am exploring putting up town home style of housing on a 3/4 acre plot in Vihiga, and the Kitengela design is close to what I have in mind granted I have not looked further. What would this project roughly cost in Vihiga/western Kenya?

    Please drop me a note, I look to break ground within 15 months due to current lease on the plot.
    Thank you, excellent civil enlightenment good job.

  18. Izaac

    Thank you, my other question which would be beneficial to public consumption is, do you have any links with prospective processional constructor(s), I mean one(s) who would do the project start to finish with their own material and just hand over keys as per agreement (have seen and liked your piece on use or not to use contractor article)? The premise of project is as I mentioned earlier rental town homes.
    I appreciate your works, hopefully will do business in comings days.
    Again thank you.

  19. Mwanzia

    hallo, plz advise on the cost of a 2 bedroomed house at my “salama” ukambani rural home. i jst want a low cost yet standard house

  20. Odera

    Sir, I would like to put up a 4 bedroom massionet house in Kisumu from AUgust thus year. I need an architect to work with. Please drop me a mail if we can work together on this project.

  21. Kennedy Odera

    Sir, I would like to put up a 4 bedroom massionet house on top of Riat hills in Kisumu from August this year. I need an architect to work with. Please drop me a mail if we can work together on this project.

  22. ngigi

    Thanks alot for the informatio,however kindly advice,what is the cost per square foot of building a MEDIUM class single unit maisonette in Nakuru for example?

  23. Naomi Kamau

    Nyc ..pliz help how much will cost me to build 3bedroo
    m house in kiambu

  24. Jackie

    I am looking at putting up a temporary two bedroomed “structure” before i start building my main house in Kitengela. Budget of around 200k for the temp. is it a possibility? what would you advice? how much to draw a plan for both the temp and the permanent 4 bedroomed house?

  25. enock

    Hi sir, I have bought a 100*100 plot at thika want to set up a 6storey building estimating 30units. Am am estimating 16million in which i want to start up to end. Is my estimation ok? Pls help

  26. Mark


    Need your services in designing bedsitters on a 40ft by 80ft in Utawala. Please let me know the costings.

    Regards, Mark

  27. Ann Motopi

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the document. I would like to understand the range of costs for shopping centres in Kenya & eactly what is the market standard in terms of what is offered to tenants. Would tenants be expected to carry the total cost of the tenant installation or would a portion of the cost be for the developer’s cost?

  28. Paul

    The table given specifically for maisonettes ….. does the formula cover only one floor or for the entire unit… a 58sq meter one….is it 58*41000*2 or just 58*41000

  29. Eddah

    Really need to put up some permanent 2 bedroom house for my mum in Kiambu. Roughly how much? Would 200k manage to put up this? Just an average sizes of houses.

  30. Esther Wambui

    I have just stumbled on what i have been seeking for so long..
    Thank you my understanding is clear.
    Thanks for shelter afrique…

  31. Nelly Njeri

    Thank you for sharing. Very insightful. Am planning to put up a 5bed unit at uplands, with mostly timber at viewpoint area. 1 storey. I need experts who deal with wood. 100sqm. Whats my cost estimate?

  32. Martin

    Arch Martin (my name sake) thanks for the good work. I didnt get it right. if my house is 202 Sq Metres ground floor and 202 Sq metres first floor, do I multiply the estimated cost of say building a mansionette by 202 Sq metres or 404 Sq metres?

  33. Shighadi

    Quiet an insightful article.
    I am planning to put a 3brm bungalow in a 50×50 feet plot at kamulu. What would be the estimate cost?

  34. charles were

    Get in touch with me i have a house id like you to draw the plans.

  35. Paul

    According to the information on costs, is construction using prefabricated technology any cheaper or the same especially for a 3 br bungalow?

  36. maina much will it cost to put up four ground floor classrooms of normal size as foundation of three storey building

  37. Alex

    Could the rates be affected by the number and type of partitions , roof pitches and there design

  38. Ali

    Please could you let me know roughly what cost I would be looking to build a 100 bedroom hotel, 4 star standard, in say Westlands or Airport area. Room sizes will be in the region of 28 sq.mts. and allow another 28sq.mts for circulation, restaurant, bar back of house etc., therefore approximately 6000sq.mts building. Including f&f. The smallest land footprint as land is quite expensive now in Nairobi. Would it also be worth getting a Chinese company to build it, as they are quite competitive and fast in building? Thanks.

    • Virtual electric Ltd

      Hi Ali,I am Francis from Virtual electric Ltd and we specialize on electrical and mechanical engineering works.

  39. Joey

    I would like to submit a request for a single family residential low cost house I plan to build. May I know the email address I can send to for initial rough estimate?

  40. samson

    Hi, what would be the percentage to determine a fundis/contractors pay as a % of the total construction cost guided by a BQ?


    i have a budget of 700k in namanga will i be able to build a 3 bed room masionatte?

  42. Mahek

    I have a question, if I have a house in Mombasa, Kenya and I need a copy of a blueprint, where can I get it from? My relative lost my original blueprint copy. Ca you please advice. I would deeply appreciate that. Thank you advance.

    • Arch. Martin Tairo Maseghe

      Check with the architect who designed the house. You will be lucky if they kept a copy of the blueprint for that long. Otherwise, get someone to measure and draw the house plan as it is currently standing. Let us know if you would like that done and we shall assist.

      • Mahek

        Please email me directly your quote(s) for measurements and you other expertise regarding building. Maybe we can hopefully work something out. Thanks

  43. Esther

    Hi there.Need to apply for a loan to build a low rise rentals flat with around 3000sqm.How much should I calculate the constructed
    Fees, Quantity surveyors etc with?Would appreciate an email. Thanks

  44. Mike

    I would really prefer seeing the 3D photos of the housed, kindly provide online

  45. John

    How much would it cost to construct a 10 unit low cost, low rise apartment building in Kikuyu area? What exactly does low-cost mean in terms of amenities and how much do actual costs deviate from those listed? Thanks.

  46. Peter Waruiru Kanyari

    How much would it cost to built normal bedsitters,3 storey on a 50 by 100 plot near Nyeri town.I will appreciate your response.

  47. Samia

    I’m planing to build rental 16 flat in somaliland 36\24 and I would like to use Kenya system. Please send me all information the cost , material and estimates total cost contact me by email
    Thank you

  48. Timothy MWANGI

    Please send me your contacts location and when is the best time to visit you for more

  49. Kibet Duncan

    How much would it cost me to put up a 3 bedroomed house at Total in Nakuru county?

  50. EVANS

    Hi, am looking for pink iron sheets ,the box type . How much do they cost per buddle and where are you locked?

  51. Hannah looking to building a simple three to 5bedroom house for my parents at home I in central Kenya.what would be the estimate cost all inclusive and how can I find someone to do the job

  52. Symon Chomba

    Looking to build a simple farm house in kirinyaga county, how much can this cost me?

  53. Pamela Coopwood

    I need to estimate the cost of constructing a single story, 3 sided multi-bedroom (12 x 12 rooms) unit with a central courtyard, 2 shared use shower/toilet facilities (5 shower/5 toilets/5 sinks), an industrial kitchen and multipurpose dining room, with 3 adjoining offices (15 x 15) in east Kenya. What are the options and cost for this construction using materials that are durable and affordable.


  54. Samuel

    Hi Martin,
    Am in the process of building a five storeyed high rise. It is on 324sqm in Nairobi . I multiplied 324*36000. comes out to be Ksh11.664M. Is this per floor? I paid 2M for foundation going about 6 levels of stones underground. Was that too high?

  55. Nyambura

    I am looking to building a simple three to 4 bedroom house for my parents at in ol’lakou, Nyandarwa.what would be the estimate cost all inclusive? Do you know people who have worked in that area? How long would such a structure take to put up?

  56. vincent

    Thanks for the good work. I have 1.5m in Bomet, kindly advice on the best residential house to build.

  57. James

    What is the cost of constructing a 4 bedroom maisonette in Utawala area Nairobi, plot size 80*40
    The cost of the drawing and other charges to be included.
    Email me please

  58. Paul kabugi

    Can we please communicate through my below email coz of privacy. It’s about construction of a 4 storey apartment. Thanks

  59. Lucie

    Hi Martin

    I am planning to build a simple 3bedroom house in Kiserian for my Parents. Appro. how much will it cost.


  60. Samwel Opuka (Arch. Technician )

    And what about bungalows? have not been specified!

  61. Geoffrey Gachuki

    Am a builder contractors Looking for client to build a hse and manage the whole project for you.

  62. morris micriss

    mmmh, that’s great arch. my question is this, how it would cost a three bedroom in limuru, just a rough estimate. pliz

  63. carol

    Hi, How much will it cost to build:
    1) 3 bedroom bungalow at kitengela 50*50
    2) 3 bedroom maisonette at kitengela area 50*50

  64. halima

    i have 40 by 60 plot in embakassi nd will like to build a 5 bedrooms house on 2 storey(all bedrooms on 1st floor)what s the estimate budget.thanx

  65. mohamed

    Hallo sir,

    Kindly please advice if buying a ready made flat is cheaper or constructing a new flat is cheaper in kenya. This is because a 1200 Sq feet near my house goes for 4.5 m and when I had done discussion with a contractor he quoted 7 m for the same flat. Please advice

  66. Munaa


    I am planning to build two storey building in Thika with a plot of 44m *55m How much is the cost and can you help me with the plan .

  67. Maggy

    Hallo, I want to put up a 4 bedroomed bungalow all ensuite with high class finishes in Rongo town. Please approximage for me how much it would cost. Thanks.

  68. Vic

    Hi, you guys are great.
    I have a question today:
    How much will a five-bedroom house cost in Western, Vihiga (specifically Chavakali). Do you recommend blocks or bricks? Generally I need the floor to be tiled and it should fitted with ordinary cheap cabinets – like those used in most hostels of public unis in Kenya (you know what I mean). Include electrical wiring for the showers and kitchen). Finally, I need the roof to be tiled and any other basic inclusions you can recommend. Please let me know how I need to begin and progress to a level whereby if it stalls it will still be useful(habitable). Thanks and congrats for always being in the top of the search results for this topic.

  69. James Ngari

    hi. i want to put up a 4 bedroom massionette in RUIRU-with all bedrooms master ensuite. how much is it likely to cost?

  70. Kamau

    Please let me know the following;
    1. How many 2 bendroom flats can be done and for how many flloors in a 50*100 plot with red soil in kabati / kenol , Murang`a county?
    2. Who is your best project manager in the market and what percentage does he charge?

  71. Lavender


    Would like to construct a 5 storey flat in Nairobi area,2 bedroom house 4 per floor.

    How much would it cost?

    How long will it take to construct?

  72. Richard

    Hello, What would be the cost estimate cost of constructing a masonry wall fence on a 50*100ft plot at Kitengela.


    What would be the cost of constructing a masonry wall fence on a 50*100ft plot at Kitengela

  74. Florence

    Hey Martin,

    I have sent you an email with my inquiry. Kindly reply.

  75. Mercy Mwambi

    How much will it cost to raise 4 one bedroom units in Mariakani, coast?


    please give me an estimate of a four storey architectural drawing in a 60×100′ plot & how much it will cost for building in kakamega town

  77. joel muttai

    Nice article.Do you have offices in Eldoret? or Who is your equivalent here?

  78. Erastus Ndunda

    Hello there. Is the the cost per m2 you’ve indicated above inclusive of the preliminary costs i.e. Architectural design, Structural engineer services Engineer and other related charges etc?

  79. Felix

    how much would it cost to build a masonry wall fence on a 50*100 ft plot at Kitengela

  80. Beatty

    Hello I am planning to build a 4 bedrooms house in Muranga
    Please help with estimated cost
    It’s urgent

  81. Milton Nyakundi

    Kindly advise the cost estimate for a 5-bedroom mansion, with a study, laundry and 3-car garage in Utawala. Advise if 50*80 land would be too squeezed.

  82. Gatonye

    I have an undeveloped 40×60 plot in kiambu. Could you give me an estimate of building 5 single mabati rental houses on the plot

  83. Dennis N Mbuthia


    I am looking at construction a flat at ruiru kimbo area on a plot of 50*100 what are the maximum number of units (one bedroom) that can be put up and a rough cost estimate of entire building, note my the area is black cotton foundations go about 3 meters deep.

  84. mary

    How much would it cost me to construct a 3 bedroom house in toll, ruiru

  85. odhiambo peris

    I want to put a 3 roomed house for my mum in nyakach. build or red bricks and cemented well with glass windows. how much do I need

  86. Edlyne

    Hi I would like to build a studio apartment in Membley 7m by 5m no roofing. A town house design sitting area to be partitioned with gypsum to separate it from the bedroom. How much would it cost.

  87. Donatter Muema

    What is the cost of constructing a 5 bedroom maisonette in Utawala area Nairobi, plot size 80*40 with finishing

  88. Alfie

    wow I have been looking for this infor for quite some time. thank you sir.

    Now I am planning to construct a 5 storey flat in Kericho, what are the current costs per sqm? I noticed this article was done in 2015 and i worry the prices may have changed. Kindly get back to me

  89. Alfie

    Kindly tell me if 5 floors fall under the highrise or low rise category

  90. Nicholas Kinyua

    Good morning Martin,
    Please advise approximately how much it would cost to construct single-roomed rental houses in Laikipia. Dimensions – 12ft by 12ft

  91. Simon

    How much will it cost to build:
    1) 4 bedroom bungalow at Ruiru on 50*100
    2) 4 bedroom maisonette at Ruiru on 50*100
    Both master ensuite.

    3. How much would you charge for doing the house plans?

  92. John

    Hey please advice the approximate amount to contruct a 3 bedroom house in Runyenjes measuring about (24 by 40fts)

  93. christopher

    What is the cost of constructing a 3 bedroom maisonette in mihango area Nairobi, plot size 80*40
    The cost of the drawing and other charges to be included.

  94. tisha

    Marto am very greatfull for your humble advice
    kindly advice me on small one floored house,ground floor consist of sitting room,kitchen and one bedroom next floor 2bedroom and toilet only

  95. Amos Kipngeno

    Hi, I have plans to construct a commercial one-bedroom units in Athi river. I would like to know the estimate cost of each single unit

  96. Andrew

    i have kshs.2 million and wish to construct a stone house where i live in eldama ravine. kindly advise on how many bedroom bangalow house i should go for. Cut stone and timber is readily available in plenty.

  97. Betty

    Hi! How much do i need to pay a fundi for just building a without the finishings? The house is being built in Kisumu rural.

  98. Jackson

    I have a plot in Isinya of 50×100 planning to put up a flat, even if Ground floor, planning to put up 2 bed room, sitting room and washroom, kindly advise how much it costs

  99. lilian kwamboka

    Kindly assist in knowing the cost of constructing a 3 bedroomed house at kisii using bricks.

  100. JANE


  101. jimale

    I would to know how much i need to have in order to build a 3bed room house with private balcony

  102. Ochieng Collins

    Hello, I would like to construct a commercial building in Kisumu county though in the rural set up. I intend to put up a 2-floored building of 3 rooms each. Kindly help me come up with an estimated cost of the construction

  103. Sylvia

    hi, i want to construct a restaurant and car wash both temporary structures since i am leasing the land for 5 years. kindly advice where to start from the land is slightly more than half an acre in Nakuru town. looking forward to hear from you.

  104. Pauline

    Hello Sir,

    My husband and I are planning on buying a plot in Nairobi area…Donholm to built 30 2bedroom and 10 1bedroom; What size of land do we need to get and in that case what would be the price of such plot. We are looking at charging the apartments Ksh 20,000 for the 2 bedroom.

  105. alex

    how much will it cost building a three bedroom house in kitale using bricks.

  106. pali

    hi how much will it cost me to build a two bedroom house in vihiga county its a hilly place full of stones maragoli I want the floor tiled and just a decent house for my mother

  107. Edwine Nyandisi Bikundo

    How much will it cost me construct a 4 bedroom house along Ruiru Eastern by pass? size of plot is 1/8 2kilometeres from Kamaki’s.

    Thank you.

  108. kevin

    Planning to start foundation of 3 Bedroom House of 78 square ft in plot 40*80 in Ruai. How much be the cost estimation to start foundation only.

  109. Kennedy Onyango

    Hi, am Kennedy from Nairobi. would like to know the estimate cost of building a 4 bedroom masssionette in Mlololongo. thanks

  110. John K.

    Thanks for the great guideline. What will be the cost of building a high roof maisonette in Nairobi(Komarock) with an area of 120m2 and a space(slab) within the roof of 12m2 total space=132m2?

  111. manas

    good site with good information.
    i want to build a simple 2bedroom house at rural area with a budget of 400k. it is possible?

  112. David

    Hi, Good article. What is the cost of building 14 units one bedroom rentals in Naivasha, ground floor only.

  113. Mwendwa

    Hi, I would like to know how much will it cost to build a 16-units flat in bombolulu Mombasa? Kindly email.

  114. Marian

    planning on buying land and building in the area of kitengelo or bynyale, please contact me by email. thanks

  115. RAYMOND

    Hi, i would like to built a four bedroom maisonette in kisii and i would like to know the estimate cost. please get in touch with me through ma email. thanks

  116. Weldon

    This is nice indeed. i too intend to build a house in Ngong on 1/8 of an acre. Hope to mail you for details on cost.

  117. David

    HI,am planning to build 3 bedroom 6 apartments and 2 bedroom 6 apartments in a 1/4 acre in Mwea .I have a truck for transport, can you estimate the costs for the whole project?

  118. mercy

    I would like to build a small scale shopping center in western could you help me out in figuring the details of it?

  119. steve

    I need to construct a 5 bedroom (All ensuite) two storey house at Gitaru- Kiambu on a 100 by 100 plot.
    I need the house to have a small prayer room and a gym somewhere in it.
    Kindly estimate for me the cost.

  120. Albert Nashon

    Wow this is insightful. I have gotten a lot of great thought-lines. Our desire is a combination of almost 5 areas (Residential/Theatres/SocialClubs/Office/ShoppingMall – basically a Youth Innovation and Creatives facility about 8 storey along Kangundo road.

  121. Matthews Mutahi

    Am planning to build a small three bedroom manssionette in joska ,am gettin a lorry of 400fts blocks at 6000/= ,it should occupie the smallest part of my 50*80 plot since the rest is chicken,help me with the approximate figure for completion of the whole project .

  122. Abdiaziz

    Hy,kindly how much will a 4 storey residential apartment within the vicinity of Nairobi cost me?


    How much would it cost to build a split level 3 bedroom house in Lukenya?

  124. Peter

    Dear Martin,

    Hi Arch, What is the rough estimate of putting up a 4 bed roomed Maisonette along Kiambu road or Rongai all within Nairobi environments. This information will be useful in guiding the preparation aspects of the works


  125. Thomas

    hallow Martin,
    i have two plots in kajiado both 50*100 and wish to build a three bedroom house for myself please can you help me ascertain the best value for that in terms of costings and also advice me how to utilize the other 50*100 for rental houses.I feel that you have a will to help people to make right choices. i appreciate all i have read as you respond to different questions asked Martin you are a real teacher.

  126. Thomas

    hallow Martin,
    i have two plots in kajiado both 50*100 and wish to build a three bedroom house for myself please can you help me ascertain the best value for that in terms of costings and also advice me how to utilize the other 50*100 for rental houses.I feel that you have a will to help people to make right choices. i appreciate all i have read as you respond to different questions asked Martin you are a real teacher.

    • Arch. Martin Tairo Maseghe

      Hello Thomas,

      Thank you for your kind words. I strive to be of assistance whenever I can.

      For your three bedroom house, that is straightforward. You only need to share your requirements and we shall prepare a design as per your wish.

      For the rental units, I would propose you book an appointment so that we review the various options available and see how best to proceed.

  127. Lucy

    Hi, i plan on building a 3 bedroom bungalo along Thika road on an estimate area of 40*60. kindly assist on how much it will cost me

  128. Lucy

    Hi, i plan on building a 3 bedroom bungalo along Thika road on an estimate area of 40*60. kindly assist on how much it will cost me. I already have a plan

    Thank you.

  129. George

    Hello, I plan to build 3 class room of Approximtely 50sqr mt each in Namanga. How much will it cost?

  130. Wesley Mbasu

    Hi,how much would it avaragely cost to put up a three storey massionate high end in Ngong on 50 by 100.Am looking at a house like what we have in Rivers edge massionates on Limuru road

  131. Valentine

    Hi, I wish to build a 4 bedroomed bungalow in Kakamega with the 4 bedrooms all ensuite, open kitchen plan, laundry room, sitting room, store and verandah. How much can I expect to spend approximately?

  132. EMily

    What is the cost of constructing a 4 bedroom maisonette in Utawala area Nairobi, plot size 80*40
    The cost of the drawing and other charges to be included.
    Email me please

  133. EMily

    I need a quote in a 40 by 80 utawala area – 4 bedroom maisonnette. aproximate

  134. Martin Matingi

    Hi,i need advice on the cost of constructing a 4 bedroomed single story house,3 bedrooms upstairs to include a master ensuite and a shared bathroom facilities by the two remaining bedrooms.Downstairs consists of an open plan living cum dinning room and kichen.An office/study and a bedroom,two bathrooms and a car garage for two vehicles.Approximate area downstairs is 176 square metres and 84 square metres upstairs.
    The location is Mua hills,Machakos county

    Thank you

  135. miriam

    Hi pliz advice needed urgently a 3 bedroom structure just building it without any finishing how much cost if u can pliz i would a 40*60 plot

  136. Jamal Tarisi

    I need a quote for 40×40 ft. plot in Mombasa Island for 3 floors @ with 2 bedroom flat.

  137. karush

    hallo, its good that you are assiting us i have 2 million shillings with me and i want to build midium rental house in a rural place for renting like 3 houses with one or two bedrooms

  138. Edward

    How much will it cost to build a 3 bedroom bungalow in the outskirts of kitengela?Plot size is 150*80

  139. martin wamula

    am also looking for ajob of construction,am peacework man like contructer



  141. Catherine

    Hi I plan on building a 3 bedroom bungalow along Thika road on an estimate of 40*60 kindly assist on how much it will cost me I already have a plan. Thanks

  142. Yvonne

    hi, is it cheaper to build a 3 bedroom mansion or bungalow? what is the estimated cost? how long can it take? do you offer all the services ie architectural, quantity survey, engineering and contractors. What’s your advice on the modern building materials like interlocking blocks?what are your fees?

  143. Elijah

    Hi how much will it cost me a 2 bedroomed house on 50 x 50 plot at joska kagundo

  144. Curtis

    Hello thank you for the info.
    So How much will it cost me (3) one bedroomed and (4) 2bedroomed house on a 50 x 100 plot at Mavoko town?

    And also can I get your phone no I would like to communicate with you for more details even work with you.

  145. frank

    Hi,i would kindly like to know the cost of building a 3 bedroom house at the slopes of mt Kenya(narumoru,jst near Narumoru girls.

  146. Tiger

    i want a Luxury house in Eastleigh in Kenya Nairobi city kindly reply to the total cost of that Luxury house with morror

  147. Carol

    How much would you charge to build a a four bedroom mansionett in Kenyatta road?

  148. Sada

    This are good views and questions. I think I can be help from this i have a 50×120ft piece of land at taru on mombas road and would like to have two front shops and the rest be a massionate Can i know how much it can cost the design and get approved.I want it the soonest possible.

  149. abdullahi iman

    Hi. could you please suggest some estimates of a modern, 3 bedroom house with a brick roofing in wajir town NEP. respond by email. your response will be highly appreciated. thanks

  150. Mary

    How much would a 2 bedroomed three storey flat cost to construct in Ruthimitu in Waithaka?

  151. Silla

    What would be the cost of constructing a masonry wall fence on a 50*100ft plot at Kitengela

  152. Paul

    Dear Martin,

    Thanks for sharing this insightful post. Now, I know how to estimate the cost of any house project that I’d be interested in undertaking.

    Please write another post on professional fees that are associated with building. You know… things like the cost of getting a building permit, scale of fees that architects, engineers, and quantity surveyors are supposed to charge based on the law etc.

    For those guys asking how much your building would cost, just draw a rough sketch of what you want to build even if it is on paper. Normally, I draw rough floor layouts on Excel by merging different cells to create rooms and using line borders for wall partitions. Since most plots under an acre are measured in feet, it makes sense to use the same units for your room dimensions. Take into account how big your plot is while drawing. Keep in mind that internal walls (which are usually up to 9 inches or 0.75 foot thick) also take up floor space. When done drawing a rough sketch with reasonable dimensions, add up the total floor space then convert to square meters (a quick Google search on “convert square feet to square m” will provide lots of links to online scale converters).

    Once you get the space your structure takes up, simply multiply with the rates provided in this post to get an estimate of how much your project would cost.

  153. James

    Martin, what’s your take on SIP houses in terms of strength and durability? For example, the kind of homes that Koto Housing Kenya builds, can these last as long as conventional stone houses? I will very appreciate your professional opinion.

    Thanks for sharing this insightful article.

  154. Curtis

    I am still waiting to hear from you Sir I wrote sometime back last year on the 23rd of Aug 17 am still optimistic I’ll read from you thank you again and Happy new year.

  155. Dennis K. Mulamba

    I am planning to build Hostels on a Plot of (50 x 100 feet) near Kibabii University in Bungoma – Western Kenya. They will be bed-sitters(Self-Contained). Plot is facing tarmac road directly on the 50 feet side. Kindly let me know how much it will cost (based on the current rates ) for the Project so that I can budget and possibly we can do business. Thanks!

    • Kevin Omondi

      Brilliant Idea. Would love to make a similar investment next to a college in Western Kenya. Would like to know the cost in 2018 of developing 12 units per floor.

  156. Peter

    Good afternoon,

    Just bought a plot in Malaa (KBC area)and would like to put up a house for me and family 3 bedroom house would be nice but a suggestion from you would also be great.
    Kindly also help with what will be the cost of building the house and since this is a very hot area ideas on the type of house vs how to build it would come in handy

  157. Gerald

    Kindly would like to know approximately how much i need to construct a three bedroom house in Nakuru(Maili Sita)

  158. wanda Tom

    I appreciate this idea to develop such an important website .would you serve me a quotation for a standard 3 bedroom in homabay even at cost

  159. mwari

    good afternoon , how much would it cost to construct a four bedroom house along kangundo road at Nasra estate


    Hi am planning to put up a 3 bedroom bungalow in kisumu. I have Kshs 600,000. Can this finish the skeleton house without the finishes but including windows and two main doors?

  161. Mohamed Ali Hirsy

    I am thinking of building a four story high specification residential four story apartments in a land located in Safari Park Nairobi. I live in UK at the moment and retired. Are you able to give me a rough building cost. There will be 8 apartments in total. Many thanks

  162. Hassan

    hello I have plans to build a two in one rental apartments in Mombasa, what best plans do you have and if possible please help with the estimation.

  163. Ann Mburu

    Hi. Am planning to build a two bedroom house flat (four floors) in Dagoretti Kiambu on a 1/8 plot. Approximately how much money should i look for. please reply via email

  164. Rosemary

    I would like to know roughly how much it would cost to build a three bedroom maisonette in New Kitisuru NSSF. The plot is half acre. I would also like to know whether the price include the sewage system for that particular property.

  165. Evalyne

    Kindly how much can it cost to build a 2 bedroom bricks house in kisii rural area.

  166. shanny victor

    what would be the cost of constructing about 3478 square meters 5 floor flat with 20 single rooms about 100 square meters each on each floor from the first to fifth floor. location is nairobi ngara area.

  167. James

    What would be the cost of a 5 bedroom all ensuite maisonette in Juja on 1/4 acre redsoil flat plot? Plan is roughly 210 square meters

  168. Benard Lerionka

    I am planning on building a five story building on an eight of an acre in Kitengela,
    What would be the approximate cost of building single rooms for the ground floor only?
    kindly assist

  169. Joseph Rono

    How much does it cost to build a 4 bed roomed house in Kericho town. Do you recommend using interlocking blocks or stones.Which one is cheaper.

  170. joseph

    kindly i would like to know approximately how much i need to construct a three bedroom house in bungoma county(Ndengelwa)

  171. benson


    i’m stuck in estimating the total cost of building a two bedroom house for my mom. anyone with idea of how much it will cost me? kindly assist me with advice. the house to be build in bungoma.

  172. Francis Nyambu

    am francis nyambu from mombasa can you please give me a quotation of a simple six room rental swahili house , how much roughly will it cost me?

  173. Amirah

    Hey, please, give me the quotation for an architectural and structural drawing for a four bedroomed 1 storey house to be done in thika makongeni.

  174. bonface njagi


    I’would like to construct a four bedroom house in Embu county. Kindly provide me with a quotation via email

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